Here are the visuals for the problem solving tools described in the bestselling book The Creative Problem Solver by Ian Atkinson.


If you don’t yet have the book, the visuals won’t make much sense. You can correct that in a heartbeat by buying it on Amazon. It’s extraordinarily good value, considering it should save (or make) your business a fortune. If you have read it and would like to leave a positive review on Amazon, that would be wonderful.


And for your brainstorming sessions, just click on the visuals you want from the 12 shown opposite. Each opens a downloadable pdf with a white background for easy printing at whatever size you like.

Harness the 12 problem solving tools used by the world’s most successful 
and innovative companies
Bigger Think Like Another Be 
Contrary Be Constrained
Old + Old = New Choice Architecture Reverse Engineer Sidestep
Random Insertion Interrogate & Extrapolate Solve Something Simpler Combine & Redefine